Features To Look For In Digital Bathroom Scales

Whether you’re attempting to shed those couple extra pounds or just maintain a healthy body weight, everybody has a use for a digital bathroom scale.  The real decision comes in trying to figure out which scale is going to best suit your needs.  Why do some scales cost $30 while others can cost $130?  Let’s take some time to demystify the world of digital bathroom scales!

Standard Digital Bathroom Scales

Let’s start by taking a look at standard features that a vast majority of digital bathroom scales have, regardless of maker, model and cost.  For example, any digital scale you look at will definitely have some type of LCD display, plus a relatively sleek design.

Furthermore, you should also be able to easily step onto a scale without needing to tap a button in order to activate it.  Most digital bathroom scales run on 2 to 4 AAA or AA batteries, and will instantly self-calibrate to measure your weight to the nearest ounce.  These basic features are standard for today’s digital scales.

Advanced Digital Bathroom Scales

When you start looking at some of the more advanced digital scales, you’re definitely going to find much wider range of functions and features.  Some of the additional features that you might come across are:

  • Body fat percentage
  • Muscle mass percentage
  • Your body’s water weight percentage
  • Bone mass measurements

These additional features are perfect for fitness enthusiasts and consumers looking for more in-depth details about their bodies.  Certain advanced models even come complete with personal body recognition, allowing for up to eight different users to store and retrieve saved data about their weight, fat percentage, and more!

Much like the lesser high-end models, these high-quality models also have easy-to-read digital displays, automatic calibration, plus they instantly activate without the touch of a button; however, expect these basic functions to run more smoothly with quality brands.

High End Digital Bathroom Scales

If you decide to start looking at a more high-end and expensive digital scale, expect more enhanced features for smoother functionality; these additional options alone eclipse many scales on the market today!

These latest digital scales offer users the chance to display their heart rate along with general body weight data.  Furthermore, these newer digital scales can even connect to any available WiFi connection, allowing consumers to sync their mobile devices so they can upload their stored data!